Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seddon Revisited

I used to live here among the Yarraville aesthetes, until I moved here among the post-Soviet nomads. (Am I the first person to make the transition? I like to think so.)

Today after church, I revisited with some friends. We went to a lovely Japanese eatery (no plain-spoken restaurants here, thank you!) called Ajitoya. We sampled a little sake, ate plentifully of the gyoza and the karaage ( marinated deep fried chicken, "outside crunchy, inside squishy"), and enjoyed the funky design of the place. We then migrated to a cafe with even funkier design and great coffee. Naturally, I was extremely happy.

This time in Australia is a gift. Time with family and friends who love me, amazing food, beautiful things, as much sleep as I want, time to read books and reconnect with old pleasures. I want to savour it. I want to be purposeful and intent about replenishing and healing. I want to spend more time with God than I ever have. I'm deep-down thankful!

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