Monday, September 19, 2011

What, if Anything, Can I Change About My Life... that people don't have to live like this?

This afternoon, within fifty metres of my apartment, I saw:

A badly crippled man - his knees almost at ninety degree angles - trying to cross a busy street, and no one stopping for him.

An impossibly ancient babushka wrapped in ancient rags, weighed down with two ancient shopping bags, and no one to help her.

A couple of homeless people sitting in a skip - in a skip - eating the rind of a watermelon.

A black dog on the sidewalk, quivering with starvation, dodging the foot that wanted to kick it.

Lord, have mercy.

What can I change about my life, so that people (and dogs) don't have to live like this?

 If you are to feed and welcome and clothe the least of these - and you must, it is an imperative, for in so doing you feed and welcome and clothe the King himself - what needs to change about your life?

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