Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 Astonishing Things

1. Cars that pay attention to road signs and lane markings.

2. Being able to flush toilet paper (instead of binning it).

3. Instant hot water.

4. Shop assistants who thank you.

5. Great coffee available on every corner.

6. Perfect strangers on the street who say make eye contact and say Merry Christmas!

7. Internet as fast as lightning.

8. 78 types of muesli.

9. The absence of stray animals.

10. Speaking English!

More to come, once I recover my senses...


  1. It's pretty wonderful isn't it. Never taking any of that stuff for granted ever ever again.

  2. where were you??? =) btw parents asking about you! and also... i've been wondering did you ever get my letter?