Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An Experiment in Pills

I have just taken a sleeping pill of Russian origins, so the next obvious step is to turn to a public writing forum to see the results. They do say not to operate heavy machinery in such a state, but I don't think my Mac Air qualifies as heavy machinery, since it about the size and shape of, I don't know, a fancy lady's purse. And I am in a semi-recumbent posture, thus are health and safety measures accounted for.

I took the pill because my sleeping is poor. It's poor because I read a book recently about spiritual warfare, by a stalwart old-school missionary in India, containing stories about devilish oppression and terrifying spiritual warfare. Whenever I turn off the light, I find it hard to stop thinking about the stories she told. I try to focus on the victory of Christ over evil and death, and on the power that is given to me by his saving blood. But I'd quite like a good long sleep without the light on. This pill was given to me in nonchalant fashion, over the counter, without a prescription - a heavy-duty affair. I did my research and decided it was safe and have guzzled it with some hope.

My hands are heavily mistyping most words, the sentences appear to be at angles, an the screen looks buckled. This is promising for my sleep prospects, but not the lucidity of anything to follow.

I have a housemate again - good old E is back! Just for a short time. She arrived this morning, with a lost luggage, and we went to Sierra cafe to indulge in a big breakfast and coffee. They were doing good coffee today. My flat white was pleasing. She'll be staying for the next ten days, so that means all the introverted patterns I've been establishing are over. Definitely a good thing.

Tomorrow, I must: pay bills at the post office; book a flight to Batken next week; write college recommendation letters. If I can accomplish these things, I'll consider it a success.

I don't spot many mistakes here, and it appears readable, so I will post with the likelihood that I'll delete it in the morning. I have double vision and heavy fingers. Sleep is imminent. Praises for heavy-duty Soviet style medicine, which doesn't require a prescription and has a pleasing efficacy.

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