Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here's your piece of Russian vocabulary for the day: sneg, meaning snow. I confess, I find it a mildly amusing word.

The snow hasn't stopped falling today. It's sitting about in big fluffy drifts and whirls. Cold and fresh and fabulous. Thusly is my antipodean fascination for snow sated. The primary school children built a snow fort in the playground - I dearly wanted to join in. Of course, it means that there are great dirty puddles of melted snow in the corridors and on the stairs, but the cleaning ladies are industriously mopping up after everyone. We're all used to the routine by now - stomping your boots before you go inside, wrapping up in scarves and hats and jackets and gloves before you go outside. It's splendid.

Today was a good day: I got through some grading, put up a new display in my room, wrote a college recommendation, taught four classes, thought about (and decided against) aerobics class, had some important conversations. Now, I've settled in for a long evening with my gradebook, some chocolate and a pot of rooibos tea.

Of course, for that to work, I have to close my laptop...going, going...

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