Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Morning Post

I slept in. Blissful. Coffee and porridge. Amy Carmichael's biography. A couple of episodes of QI. I missed church, because rest was needful. Now, I'm gearing up to put in a half-day at school, for grading purposes. Reports are due in on Friday and there's an awful lot of papers standing between me and my gradebook. If I can plough through most of it today, I'll feel much better about the week ahead.

It's so good to have internet at home again! I can Skype people and haunt Facebook and write emails at leisure. Two Russians from Megaline turned up yesterday to install it: my vocabulary about computers is not so good, and their English was limited to "I not speak English", so things got increasingly comical, until a Kyrgyz friend was able to come over and help sort things out. She was marvellous. Following which, I made cucumber sandwiches and scones (substituting local ingredients along the way) and hosted an Importance of Being Earnest viewing with members of the cast, because the DVDs arrived by post, at last. The Colin Firth version doesn't hold a candle to the 1952 Michael Redgrave version, which I thoroughly recommend; it's genius. Lady Bracknell is a delight, Jack is a perfect straight man, and Algernon is exquisite. My cast, however, being of a teenage and 21st century persuasion, resolutely prefer the newer version, over which fact I have sighed and resigned myself. Nevertheless, rehearsals are going very well. My 'Algernon' and 'Gwendolyn' have already learned all of their lines, which is a feat worthy of great praise, since they have huge roles. Sets and costumes are underway.

Yes, things have been quiet on this end. I know it. The cultural and emotional disconnection that I experienced in England over Christmas really knocked me about. I still feel bruised from the shock of it all, and I haven't really had a chance to process it since plunging back into Bishkek life, which is as fun and chaotic as ever.

More anon!

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