Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cultural Exchange #2

An addendum.

While waiting for a marshrutka today, a very drunk guy sat down next to me. Not unusual, so I just cranked up my music; a moment later, I noticed other people edging away from me. I took my earphones out and heard a splashing sound - it was the drunk guy, who'd pulled down his pants and was now peeing next to my feet in an artistic and carefree manner. In one smooth, dignified move, I was out of there, barely dry-footed.

...I decided to walk the rest of the way, taking a shortcut between apartment blocks. Halfway there, I was greeted by another unforgettable sight. An extremely large and elderly lady, squatting in the podyest (the doorway to the apartment) with her dress hitched up, having a very visible crap.

Several minutes later, I came across two men sitting at a fire in the courtyard, spit-roasting the head of some indiscriminate animal - possibly a sheep.

These things aren't unusual, I suppose. But all within the space of ten minutes? I thought it was worth recording.


  1. Hahaha, classic! By the way, was that my apartment the lady was in? This happened to us last week and the remains have only just been cleaned up. I will miss kyrgsy!

  2. Rach, I've been trying to find your blog, because I didn't write it down properly! Tell me where it is!! :)