Monday, May 28, 2012

Popcorn, Strawberries and Kim Chee

The fruit sellers are back. It's early days, but crates of strawberries and cherries and apricots hearken of the things to come. I bought half a kilo of tiny, sweet strawberries for about 80 cents this afternoon.

Another recent discovery - a shop that sells popping corn! I've never eaten so much popcorn - my American flatmate makes it in vast quantities, and a couple of times it constituted my dinner. Healthy and more-ish.

Over time, having eaten more Korean food than just about anything, we've developed a taste for kim chee, and our fridge is full of jars of it. It's surprisingly easy to make, and you can vary the fish sauce/pear/hot powder ratio to suit less fiery tastes.

Can't remember the last time I had meat-and-three-veg.

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