Monday, January 2, 2012

Leif's Rabbit Trap

My dear delightful friends, the Loftis family, are off to Thailand soon to do exciting things. They won't mind (I hope) me sharing this very beautiful video, made as a New Year greeting. It brought tears to my eyes. Chad is a talented film-maker.

I love these guys.

Leif's Rabbit Trap from Chad Loftis on Vimeo.

Still no baby, so I'll be catching a plane in the morning, with a view to sleeping for the ensuing 9 hours. The plane gets in at 3 AM - I catch a taxi to my new apartment (as yet unseen) - take a shower, find clean clothes, and head off to school for a full day's teaching. Then, I meet my good friend A for dinner, who is visiting from Osh for one day and one day only. An unmissable occasion. But, as you see, being able to sleep on the plane is a desirable, if unprecedented, state of affairs!

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